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Telkom Kenya reviews its mobile data offering

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Telkom Kenya reviews its mobile data offering

Nairobi, Wednesday, September 21, 2016: Telkom Kenya has reviewed its data offers for its pre-paid Internet on Mobile and Internet Everywhere (modem) customers.

At a browsing rate of 9 cents per MB, the new volume-based data offers are a first of their kind in the market; offering a wider range of validity periods, giving the customer power to choose between daily, weekly, monthly and ninety day options.

Telkom Kenya Chief Corporate Communications Officer George Mlaghui says that the new data offer speaks of the business’ proactive approach to meeting the needs of the market.

“Telkom Kenya seeks to provide value to our customers through our service and offerings,” says Mlaghui.

An additional benefit is the introduction of notification on expiry of data bundles 48 hours and 24 hours before the expiry of the bundles. This allows the customer to make an informed decision to either top up and purchase additional bundles or continue browsing at the Pay As You Go rate of KSh 4 per MB. Customers can be able to extend the expiry periods of data bundles before they expire by purchasing another bundle of equal or higher validity before the expiry of their current bundle.

To subscribe to the offers, customers need to dial *544# from their Internet-enabled phones. Customers can also subscribe to the offer by visiting https://www.myaccount.orange.co.ke from their laptop, desktop pc,tablet or ipad. Equally, subscribers can check their data usage by dialling *131# on their mobile phone, or by visiting the recharge portal https://www.myaccount.orange.co.ke on their devices.

These data offers provide first time subscribers the opportunity to enjoy their Internet experience by choosing from array of entry level phones like the Kaduda Series and the new Xiaomi Redmi 2, among others, coupled with data bundle preferences to enjoy an unrivaled Internet experience with competitive data offers.

According to the quarterly sector statistics report by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) for the financial year 2015/2016, spanning January to March 2016, Internet/Data subscriptions rose to 24.8 million from 23.9 million reported the previous quarter. The report revealed that the number of Internet users grew to 37.4 million from 35.5 million. Also, a significant number of broadband subscriptions increased substantially by 26.4 per cent to reach 7.9 million subscriptions up from 7.2 million registered in the previous quarter, marking a penetration level of 18.6 per cent up from 16.8 per cent.

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